Online Test

My Mastermind Academy Provides 3 types of Online Test.

  1. Topic wise Test
  2. Speed Test
  3. Practice Test

Advantages Of Online Test :

  1. Test results and feedback are immediately available.
  2. Reduce stress for students. The average student in today’s world is comfortable in online settings. In addition, shorter more frequent assessments lower stress levels, as well as stakes, for test takers.
  3. Add flexibility of delivery: students can take a test from anywhere and at any time convenient for them (as long as they have Internet access).
  4. Increase grading accuracy. Predefined answers reduce the chance of human error. The exception to this is essay questions.
  5. Provide practice using technology-based test formats. Since many standardized tests are now offered electronically, using this format in a course introduces students to such emerging test strategies.
  6. Promote positive attitudes in learners when assessments are interesting.
  7. Provide multiple opportunities for learners to practice understanding when quizzes or tests are repeatable.
  8. Eliminate requirement for students to have test-specific supplies (such as essay booklets or #2 pencils)

Choose your Class : 

Choose your Class : 

  • Class 8th (ICSE Board)  : Coming soon

  • Class 9th (ICSE Board)  : Coming soon

  • Class 10th (ICSE Board)  : Coming soon

  • Class 11th (ICSE Board)  : Coming soon

  • Class 12th (ICSE Board)  : Coming soon